Muri Dueppen and her husband of twenty-one years have lived in Carroll County, Maryland since 2004. They chose to make it their home because of its excellent public schools, natural beauty, location, and the safe, friendly neighborhoods. Their two children have attended Carroll County Public Schools since Kindergarten and are young adults now, with one son in high school and one daughter in college. Their rescue dog, a 95-pound Shepherd mix, completes the family.

Muri made the decision to run for Board of Education as the logical next step on her path of fighting for our public schools and other community advocacy. She knows that it takes hard work to ensure that all students can be successful – in school and beyond. Her primary objective as a Board of Education member and candidate is to make certain that students remain the primary focus and top priority of all decision-making. Muri recognizes that great schools provide rigorous, innovative, and effective instruction in safe and supportive learning environments while flexibly addressing the unique needs of each child. Despite all the recent challenges facing our schools, she believes we can and should put our efforts into sustaining and improving education to ensure our students have the opportunities and resources they need. Serving students must always come first.

Muri believes that great public schools are the key to a vibrant community. Having admired her mother’s community service, Muri followed in her footsteps as an active supporter of Carroll County Public Schools.  She has spoken out at public meetings and hearings, volunteered for pro-public education candidates, and helped establish VOCAL Carroll County, a group advocating for moral and just principles, policies, and officials in local government.

As the proud daughter of an enlisted Navy man, Muri attended eight different schools growing up – from Scotland to San Diego – and went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the College of William and Mary in Virginia, with aspirations to become a zookeeper.

The first five years of her professional life were spent as a wildlife educator – and ultimately general manager – at a small zoo. She presented hundreds of live animal programs for schools, daycare centers, retirement communities and other audiences. At the same time, through on-the-job training and workshops, Muri developed other business and leadership skills. The second phase of her career was spent in non-profit marketing and membership management at scientific professional societies, including the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, for nine years.

Muri is a lifelong-learner type who loves traveling, reading, casual hiking, listening to podcasts, and playing games and puzzles.

She hopes to earn your vote in the 2018 election!