Experience, expertise and energy

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Muri will be a powerful advocate for all students. She intends to put student success back into the spotlight…

Tim Brunker

Works with Everyone

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She is exactly what we need on the BOE: A good critical thinker who takes a reasonable approach to working with everyone, even though views may differ.

Mona Becker


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Dueppen has long been an advocate for students and education, serving as a bit of a citizen watchdog on government transparency and school-related issues. Her platform of making decisions that are student-focused and empowering the voices of students would create a student body that is more engaged in their own education, and also would get the BOE back on track focusing on the kids rather than buildings. Dueppen also has good ideas on making curriculum more rigorous and experiential.

Carroll County Times Editors

Teacher Recommended

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Muri is a passionate and intelligent advocate for schools.

Erin Yeagley, Maryland State Education Association

These candidates have a real heart for public education and for Carroll County. They also have the knowledge, skills and motivation needed to do great work in collaboration with fellow elected officials. CCEA/CASE leaders believe these are the candidates who will most strongly support our students, our educators and our community.”


“CCEA represents over 2,000 teachers, school counselors, registered nurses, Speech and Language Providers, Physical Therapists, and Occupational Therapists working in Carroll County Public Schools. CASE represents over 250 Instructional Assistants, Secretary/Clerical and LPNs.”

Steadfast Advocate

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It is without hesitation that I endorse Muri Dueppen for a seat on the Board of Education. Muri has long been a steadfast advocate for the school system. She is a thoughtful and intelligent leader. She understands our school system, its strengths and challenges, and brings her own ideas to the table. I have no doubt that she will always put the interests of our students first, and that is why I will be giving her my vote!

Devon Rothschild

100% Behind Muri Dueppen

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I am 100% behind Muri Dueppen for Carroll County Board of Education. She is intelligent, well-spoken, and conducts in-depth research when examining an issue. She is sensitive to individual experiences while also considering issues from a systems perspective that takes into consideration the multiple factors at play. I strongly believe that her excellent communication skills and her evidence-based approach to problem solving will be an asset to the Board.

Lindsay Carpenter

Cares Deeply

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Muri is incredibly thoughtful and cares deeply about our children and education for all. And she is familiar with the very complex issues facing our county. She will make an excellent board member!

Beth Gray

What We Need

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She is just what we need -smart, level-headed and reasonable with the best interest of the kids at heart.

Kimberley Madeja

Muri Cares

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I have known Muri Dueppen for a number of years, and not only do I value her opinions, I have come to depend on her for accurate information.  I don’t know how she does it, but she has kept track of education in this county accurately.  If I have a questions about the budget or the workings of a previous group, she provides the information I need to educate myself.  Muri keeps track, and Muri cares.

Isabel DeFeo